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Welcome to online lessons, tutorials, and learning videos from Novella Sound Project! Study virtually and at your own pace by working through a series of different lesson videos designed for singers and musicians studying vocal, piano, guitar, along with songwriting and music recording. Each lesson, class, and course concludes with a short quiz to help maximize learning and test your newly acquired knowledge. Upon successfully passing each test, students receive certificates of achievement as well as recognized profile badges for tracking progress and completion. Remember, classes should always be revisited from time to time in order to keep your skills sharp!

For current students and active members, simply click below to get started on your next lesson!


"Each class and course supplements a "Challenge Review" quiz to maximize learning of the related lesson content. Students who pass each test will receive corresponding certificates of achievement along with recognizable badges displaying completion of the related class or course. Complete as many lessons as you can to try and collect all certificates and badges, good luck!"

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