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Since the scope of every project can be a bit different, the studio offers several main tiers of production ranging from simple acoustic demos to fully produced and completely mastered songs. In addition, live video recordings can be done both in-studio and on location at performance venue, as well as options for headshots and artist photography.

For new clients, a FREE 15-minute CONSULTATION appointment will be conducted to evaluate the scope of the project and determine next steps. Consultation appointments can be made online via Zoom video call, or by phone. Schedule yours today and get started on a new project!

Nikk May (Novella Sound Project)
Nikk May (Novella Sound Project)


Includes basic production for up to four tracks of different instrumentation. Perfect for small projects such as acoustic folk, singer/songwriter, vocal ensembles, string and orchestral trios/quartets, etc. Production of a full drumkit is not included in demo recording projects, see examples below.





2 Violins/Cello/Piano

String/Brass Quartet

SATB Voice

And more....


For singers and artists needing extra assistance in lyrical content and instrumental accompaniment. These sessions help prepare structure and overall design, while also crafting key melodies, themes, and motifs that give identify to music being recorded.


Includes collaborative songwriting, production, editing, mixing, and complete mastering of a fully engineered project. Intended for solo artists with or without pre-written material looking to put creative ideas into music and bring their artistic passion to full fruition. Extended length projects may be subject to additional cost and studio time.


Designed for soloists without need of accompaniment tracks. Music should be well-prepared prior to recording.


Acapella Singer





And more....


Offering services for long distance collaborations worldwide. Record from anywhere, submit track stems, and receive a fully edited/mixed/mastered project no matter the location.

Woman In Recording Studio


Singer Recording a Song

Vocal Coaching

Recording Prep

Piano Player

Performance Training

Vocal / Piano / Guitar

Jenny (Jennifer Berg Violin Studio)


Artist Headshots

Video Recording


Live Capture

Vocal Coaching - $90 / Hour

Includes vocal conditioning and rehearsal of music being recorded. Additional coaching focuses on strength, technique, vocal mechanics, coordination, and overall ability.

Performance Training - $90/ Hour

Vocal / Piano / Guitar

Sessions focus on rehearsal of music and refining certain technique, allowing for the best possible recorded performance. Identify the differences between playing live vs. a studio recording, while making appropriate adjustments to improve overall performance quality.

Artist Photography - $185 / Shoot

Each shoot includes up to 5 final edited, professional quality headshots. These are designed to help equip artists with the right media to develop a stronger portfolio while promoting their professional work.

Live Video Recording - $250 / Song

Full-Length Concert Performance - $630

Video is one of the most important elements in building recognition. Having a catalogue of live video recordings can greatly serve to showcase an artist's innate ability while providing viewers with a chance to form more of a connection. Video recordings can be done both in-studio or at performance location.

New Recording Project

For new project requests, please fill out the form below!

New Recording Project
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What kind of project are you interested in?

Often times it can be helpful to understand an artist's or performer's goals prior to beginning a project. Below, please list any relevant information pertaining to your recording project, as well as musical influences, genre type, and any links to content that would help give an idea of the style you're going for.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

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