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Novella Sound Project with Nikk May | Vocal | Piano | Guitar | Private Lessons

"Novella Sound Project is intended to be an equal opportunity music studio for collaborative artists and performers, as well as those seeking private lessons and musical training in voice, piano, and guitar. Given the extended scope of students and clientele around the world, the following policies are to ensure equal fairness and accessibility to those requesting studio services."

Songwriting. Composition. Recording. Vocal Coaching. Private Lessons (Voice, Piano, Guitar). Artist Photography. Live Video.

Studio Memberships: Options offered may include private one-on-one lessons, access to exclusive site media as well as online learning content and more. Student Tier memberships are perfect for those looking to keep consistent live one-on-one classes. For Student Tier memberships, there are 3 different options for 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute class lengths with up to 4 classes included each month. Classes can be managed and rescheduled at any available openings on the schedule, these memberships will also auto-renew each month until cancelled, with updated lesson credits to schedule whenever a student prefers within the current billing cycle. All studio memberships auto-renew each month on the same date they were originally purchased, this is to ensure uninterrupted access for students regarding class scheduling and/or any other included membership benefits listed. Cancellation of a membership is managed at the discretion of each student through their related studio login and account information and must be completed prior to the start of the next billing cycle so as not to incur additional charges, as only a limited number of certain studio memberships are able to be offered due to schedule availability. Thanks for your understanding.

Scheduling: The studio hosts an online calendar, allowing students and clients accessibility to create and manage their appointments and membership account through booking/cancelling/rescheduling sessions at their own convenience. Students and clients are able to freely utilize any open studio time listed on the schedule. Each class booked will also include an online link for meeting virtually through Zoom for those that study remotely, students that are local and who prefer to come in person are welcome to do so!

Appointment Cancellations: All appointment cancellations require at least 24hrs notice in order to either be rescheduled or to receive a partial refund of 50 percent the cancelled service cost. This serves to protect schedule integrity as well as provide equal access to booking appointments for all students and clients seeking audition prep, performance critique, time sensitive projects, and general coaching sessions. Individual appointments booked under a membership plan are only eligible to be rescheduled with the appropriate 24hr notice. All appointment cancellations and rescheduling are managed at the discretion of each student via their related studio login and accessible account.

Songwriting/Recording Projects: Since the scope of every project can be a bit different, the studio offers several main tiers of production ranging from simple acoustic demos to fully produced and completely mastered songs. In addition, live video recordings can be done both in-studio and on location at performance venue, as well as options for headshots and artist photography. The goal of the studio is to provide a strong resource to creative talent seeking musical development and project assets to help build an artistic presence within the industry. All songwriting collaborations and studio contributions are required to be appropriately cited in related copyrights and media distribution.

Novella Sound Project with Nikk May | Vocal | Piano | Guitar | Private Lessons
Novella Sound Project with Nikk May | Vocal | Piano | Guitar | Private Lessons
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