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Specialized vocal instruction for beginner, intermediate, and advanced level students.

Audience at a Concert

Studio reel of vocal students studying with Nikk May

More Information About Private Voice Lessons


The studio receives vocal students from across the nation and through varying teaching networks, music programs, and professional referral sources. These vocal students range from pop and theatre to modern/contemporary studies, blues, jazz, praise and worship, commercial voice, original artists, and songwriters.

Performance-Oriented Voice Lessons

Though not all vocal students studying privately are mandated to perform, there is a strong emphasis on performance development. Nurturing the essential abilities and intuition that make high level students, private voice lessons are designed with a student-centered approach to meet students where they are at while simultaneously providing them with the right musical nutrition to build successful skill sets.

Learn To Sing As Well As Speak

Many times, students from other lesson programs are "trained" without a real sense of what they're doing or how to understand singing, instead simply reciting through song after song with no practical learning taking place. Though having a catalogue of performance repertoire is good, this method of teaching unfortunately does not allow students to properly understand, communicate, or essentially develop the fundamental ability to "converse" through music. Instead, it rather trains them much the same as a parrot would be trained to imitate without comprehension. Vocal students studying privately here at the studio are taught the proper pedagogy of vocalization, note-reading, traditional clefs and standard sheet music, harmonization and ear training, improvisation, and more using practical methods that allow them to effectively communicate on their instrument both as a soloist and as part of a larger group or ensemble.

Applicable Theory For Voice Lessons


Students taking private voice lessons at the studio are taught critical elements of music theory beyond that of just scales and rhythm exercises. Students develop comprehensive skills allowing them to "connect the dots" to how music is created as well as learning how to create their own original compositions and vocal masterpieces.

Interpretive Voice Studies

Private voice lessons encompass an approach that breaks down ideas such as color and texture, relating these to expressive elements like emotion and intent, and ultimately allowing students to touch and feel sound where the art of creating music becomes a much more tangible experience. Students are taught how to listen to the sound and environments around them, strengthening themselves into becoming better singers as well as performers.

Looking for "Online" Vocal Lessons? Click below!

Private vocal lessons are offered in-studio as well as online using a professional multi-camera setup, and are a great way to help strengthen, condition, and maintain a healthy singing voice. They provide structure and nurture the skills unique to each individual. Curriculum covers all aspects of singing, from proper technique and pedagogical studies, to note reading, ear training, performance, and stylistic appeal.


Lesson rates are $60/30 minute session, $90/45 minute session, and $120/60 minute session. Video lessons via Zoom are also available!

Nikk May (Novella Sound Project)
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